About Melissa

Hi, I'm Melissa and I’m so glad to be your neighbor here in Overland Park. My husband grew up in Overland Park and always knew he wanted to return to raise our family here. He was molded into the man I love by Overland Park values like a focus on family, connection, recreation, hard work and achievement. I want to raise my kids with the same values and opportunities Chris grew up with. Overland Park offered us affordable housing, a great place for my husband to start his technology company, strong schools, and access to nature with amenities like parks and trails. I want Overland Park to remain an attractive place to live so that my kids choose to raise their families here and to expand opportunities so that we welcome new residents to build an enduring community.

"Melissa leads with integrity, always placing the betterment of our community first. She backs up her principles with a willingness to invest her time and energy, putting in the work to make a difference."

- Jessica Hembree, Overland Park

For the last decade, my primary focus has been raising my two children. For me, supporting my kids also means supporting a strong community. That’s why I’ve worked to build connections with our neighbors by serving on my homes association; it’s why I’ve worked to strengthen our schools through PTA and campaigning for school board members; and it’s why I’ve worked to ensure a livable future through environmental and climate action as part of Overland Park’s Environmental Advisory Council and Climate Action KC.

I lived in Washington, DC before choosing to make Overland Park my home. I attended George Washington University and worked at a national environmental advocacy group and as Professional Staff in the U.S. House of Representatives, where I worked to advance clean energy and environmental protection. I'll bring that experience making fact-based policy and seeking common ground to my service on the city council.

You Can Count On Me

When my kids were in strollers I had to walk into a dangerous, unmarked, busy intersection just to get to my neighborhood park. Every mom and dad felt unsafe doing it, so I helped rally the other parents in my neighborhood, the PTA of our nearby school, the homeowners association, and the adjoining property owner to secure a painted crosswalk, new sidewalk ramps, and signage to make it safe to get to the park to play.

When my neighborhood was frustrated by the high costs of trash service and the sounds and mess of trash cans and trucks on the roads day after day, I helped our association amend our bylaws to create a neighborhood trash program that delivers better service at a lower cost.

I’ll bring the same hard work and creative solutions to solving the problems you see in your community to my service on the council.