Building Our Future

In 2018, the entire Overland Park community came together to create a vision for our city, known as ForwardOP. The ForwardOP vision calls for the city to be forward-thinking, innovative and welcoming. We should weigh decisions about allowing and encouraging future development by how well the proposals advance these goals. 


A City That Works

In Overland Park, things generally work well, thanks to decades of top-notch expert planning, management, and investment. We need to retain the best professional staff and continue wise planning so that City Hall meets future needs while remaining responsive to resident requests for things like filling potholes, fixing sidewalks, and keeping parks and roads well-maintained for all.


Community Engagement

I believe the best elected officials are the ones with the strongest connections to their communities. I am committed to transparency and engagement with you. I want to hear your concerns, your views and your hopes as I make decisions. I will look to engage, empower and seek out the voices of everyone who lives here and intend to reach out to residents who aren’t currently active in city decisions.


Public Safety

Every person wants and deserves a safe place to live. I respect law enforcement officers who risk their lives to keep our families safe. We must ensure our police officers have the funding they need to prevent violent crime and bring justice for law breakers. We should allow them to focus on those core safety functions by fully funding mental health experts to respond to mental health crises and ensuring appropriate use of force when interacting with the public. Possible officer misconduct should be investigated independently and violators must be held accountable so that all residents know they can trust the system. 


Sustainable Choices

Overland Park can help lead the Midwest in reducing pollution, addressing climate change, and improving the health of people who live here through a healthy environment. We should continue to invest in our robust parks system so that we can enjoy the great outdoors, plant more trees, encourage clean energy solutions, build efficiently to save money on utility bills, and offer transportation infrastructure for those who wish to walk and bike. 


Surveys and Forums